Euro Football: news and results in Europe App Reviews

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After the app. For the worldwide soccer tournament this one is also well designed! Great jobs! P.

Haithem kossai



Not that awesome


Now I can get the latest up date news, fast. Thanks


Lots of news and up to the minute scores. Its everything you want in a soccer app. Great work!


Nice way to find out whats happening


Very happy....great site for euro 11


A lot of informations,I like it.

Great futbal app :)

Get to track the scores of important games and your favourite team :)<3


The app is great.

Good app

This is a useful app, it has all of new about football. It is updated every minute. It is a good app.

Perfect to follow football matches in Europe

Fast to use and very useful. Perfect to follow the Euro 2016 and the european leagues.

Really simple to use

This is very handy for following European soccer after the World Cup. Cant say I know much about it, but Im learning! I like the design - really straightforward, with clear graphics. Good one.

Solid app

Solid app. Freezes sometimes during live updates. If fixed then 5 stars.

Nice app

As nice as the World Cup one.

Great app

It would be nice if it had highlights videos and the news are great you can catch all teams around Europe

Pretty good

Could use more news. More depth to the coverage. Good app all in all.

Almost there

Needs to be more in depth and precise. Some pieces of news are repeated. Having videos if games already played would be exciting like the Euro 2012 qualifiers!!!

Great app""

This is the best App x who lov soccer


Must have for those who need to know about whats happening.

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